Order NumberNameSurnameDistanceResult
3145LuzandiLandman5km no medal0:28:04
3063Chevani Singh5km with medal0:37:46
DeleneThuynsma5km with medal0:48:04
ElsabeSteyn5km with medal0:57:21
Lindi Ellis5km with medal0:57:49
3170NicolaasFouche5km with medal0:58:00
3170CarmeliaFouche5km with medal0:59:21
LaniVan der Mescht5km with medal1:01:30
LuzanneVan der Mescht5km with medal1:01:30
3177MagdaVillet5km with medal1:03:26
3150HeleneMuller5km no medal1:08:00
3101MarinaStrydom5km no medal1:31:40
3101JorsStrydom5km no medal1:31:40
3101LouiseGrobler5km no medal1:31:40
2884MarlizeScheepers5km no medalNo results received
2951JuanitaPotgieter5km with medalNo results received
3178MagdaVillet5km with medalNo results received
2885AndriesKoekemoer10km with medal0:58:01
MariusEllis10km with medal1:03:27
Aliza Hopley10km with medal1:36:00
AlidaJacobs10km with medal1:37:00
JudithRodrigues10km with medal1:37:00
AnnemieVan Rooyen10km with medal1:38:00
JozuaJacobs10km with medal1:40:00
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